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What if your data stayed with you on your device? Memristors with Dr. Themis Prodromakis

Themis is an old friend whose career has gone in parallel to Arun's career. The two of them met in 2011 (two years after Arun had started with his role at GSK) through a common friend, Dr. Cesare Terracciano (Reader at Imperial College, London). Through the love of science, the two friends have gone on complimentary paths - biology and engineering while seeking to work together over the years.

Themis is currently the Professor of Nanotechnology at University of Southampton and head of the Center for Electronics Frontiers - . He was awarded the Royal Academy of Engineering's Emerging Technology Chair position in 2020.

He has been incredibly instrumental in innovating on memristor technology and driving its application and wider acceptance. He has founded ArC instruments and the company is doing so incredibly well in supporting many of the prominent chip manufacturers to test their output remotely. Visit for more information.

We talk about his journey from being a post-doc with Dr. Chris Toumazou at Imperial to working with Dr. Leon Chua at Berkeley to charting his own place in the memristor arena. His fabrication laboratory at University of Southampton is a fantastic place to visit and from here, he is churning out his next company,

Above all this, Themis is also a keen and avid lover of scientific history. He recounts for us the most amazing story of Sir Humphry Davy and his student/laboratory assistant Michael Faraday; their trip to France on the invitation from Napolean during the Anglo-French war.

This one is not to be missed.

If you want more information on memristors, here is a fantastic editorial from Themis -

Finally, here is the video animation for Themis' latest entrepreneurial adventure -

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