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What do sports and science have in common? - w/ Jarrod Kimber

Have you ever wondered what's common between sports and science?

  1. Both scientists and sportsmen are like religious zealots, they believe in hope despite all odds until the straw breaks the camel's back.

  2. Both involve scars - They are always positive or tentative depending on what happened the previous game or paper/grant/entrepreneurial journey started.

This just gets multiplied an infinite times, if you are a sports fan.

Our guest, Jarrod Kimber has taken sports journalism to a new level. While most of his contemporaries focussed on the narrative journalism, Jarrod pioneered the art of communicating his sport with data - enriching the reader's and fan's experience. If you don't believe it, check out his profile or his award winning documentary.

We cover all aspects of his journey from where he came from (in less colourful language) to how he came to do what he currently does, to be being a cricket analyst and changing the perception of cricket reporting to using data to help players much like how teachers and managers helps students and employees.

A couple of video masterpieces:

Jarrod's social media details: Twitter: LinkedIn (for the "acting" professional): YouTube channel: Cricket with "balls":

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