Pivot, Improve, Repeat

Carolyn Casterton wants to democratize the professional foray into digital health.

After earning an undergrad degree in biochemistry and cell biology at UCSD, Casterton wanted to stretch her muscles and get into the real world. Little did she know that her first position in industry wasn't even as challenging as the work she did in her university lab. It did provide her first taste of a real paycheck before opting to return to grad school at Duke.

"Having a paycheck is a sobering effect."

Giving up a paycheck meant a real dedication to making the most out of her two years at Duke. She switched her 9:00 - 5:00 responsibilities at Edwards Life Sciences to a 5:00 - 2:00 gig in order to complete her calculus requirements at UC Irvine and headed off to Duke University. While at Duke, she managed to convince the administration to approve her MBA program and MS in biomedical engineering. Oh, and did I mention, she simultaneously co-founded Cerene Biomedics - a company treating epilepsy by cooling the brain.

With an MBA and an advanced engineering degree, she's a bit of a unicorn. Maybe that's how she earned some of the coolest positions and accomplishments with companies like Boston Scientific, Stryker, and Verily. But she wants to make sure that she's not the only one climbing the ladder. Casterton is on a personal mission to equalize access to the networks and opportunities necessary to enter, grow, and thrive in the field of digital health, to wit: Health Tech Hunches. Health Tech Hunches matches experts and students with an eye toward making everyone's life easier, more productive, and equalizing opportunities.

Check out her LinkedIn and her current job title? Entrepreneur. Period. Makes you wonder what she's up to next.

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