Innovation Is A Lonely Sport

When we approached Stan to be a guest on our show, he didn't even let us complete our sentence. It was a resounding yes. His reason was that the story of the transcatheter valve and the lonely travails of innovation in the space when no one saw merit in this technology was one that needs to be brought out. He agreed to do this with us and even during the recording, he needed no instigation. We just sat in our seats, in front of our microphones and just let Stanton free to tell the story. What followed was an amazing wealth of information that poured out from Stan and it was a pleasure to capture all of that. The systematic way in which he brought together our experience and the stories that Arun had heard about the Danish interventional cardiologist's (Dr. Henning Rud Andersen) early efforts with sternal wires and dissected porcine hearts was an effortless ride.

Above all, Stan gives a remarkable account of his experience on how a CEO must work with his stakeholders in managing expectations and doing what is right for the company. He carefully recounted for us, in his indomitable style, how he maneuvered the board members (that had representations from Medtronic, Boston Scientific, J&J) while ensuring that his company (PVT technologies) had a future with Edward LifeSciences. He did that by following his instincts and builds on his requirements in being a leader in the field to speak the language that the cardiologists have to speak. This one is a fantastic lesson in innovation. Take a listen and it will be well worth your time. 

Stan is currently the head of NXT Biomedical -  an idea incubator that seeks to build startups from within upon incubation and de-risking. 

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