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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Today, JoJo and I take a big step in our professional lives to follow a passion that is deep in our bones. It is the passion to help people appreciate science for reasons beyond the discoveries the innovations. Throughout our scientific (Arun) and science communication/strategic operation (JoJo) experience, we have been witness to many wonderful stories that are largely unknown. While many of us read the scientific journals, papers and assimilate results, critique their findings, we rarely talk about the inspirations, trials and tribulations that led to the discoveries and innovations.

We have realized that we, as a community, need that common thread. It is, after all, the personal connection and trust that makes a young student take up science, or work with a certain mentor or even more, makes someone suitable for an industry role. Yet, no one looks at these stories in a way that enables scientists to connect with one another.

We aim to change that. This podcast is about those stories behind the ideas written down on scraps of papers; which ultimately made a few careers, nourished many trainees and ultimately converted those scraps to sparks of brilliance.

So today, we launch SKRAPS - a podcast where we connect the many innovators and scientists to you, in an effort to make science approachable and understandable. We believe understanding the people is one step closer to understanding their science. Together, we can change how the world sees and uses science, and scientific information.

Take a listen and we promise you will not be disappointed!

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