Breaking News: Rune Labs Secures $5m and Additional Partners

Today's mini-episode is a bit different than our usual format. We're bringing you breaking news about Rune Labs $5 million seed round - opened and closed entirely within the time of COVID19. We spoke with Brian Pepin, CEO and founder of Rune Labs about what it's like to raise money during COVID19, their new partnership with University of Minnesota, and what's next for the neurotech platform start-up.

The funding round was led by DigiTx Partners and includes investments from TruVenturo, Moment Ventures, Loup Ventures, and Sabbatical Ventures. This closing brings total funds raised to date to $7.3 million.

UMN joins University of California, San Francisco, University of Washington, Mount Sinai, Brown University, Baylor University and others in Rune's academic collaboration portfolio.

In addition to new funding and partnerships, Rune launched its new website.

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