Beer, Brewing, and Biology with Jason Osborne

Jason Osborne on SKRAPS

Take an unexpected journey with us as we talk to Jason Osborne – an HHMI Fellow, paleontologist, Chief Innovation Officer of a huge Texas school district, and magnificent innovator.

In this episode, we’ll discover why Jason prefers swamp diving over typical dive destinations, learn about Paleo Quest, a non-profit that he started in order to inspire research, education, and exploration in paleontology and geology, and how this kid from south central Pennsylvania became a three-time Sci-Foo-er (that’s way more impressive than a TED talk – of which he has two) and how he earned the White House "Champion of Change" honor.

Jason’s natural curiosity has led him to some amazing places and projects. One of the tastiest has to be his Bone Dusters Paleo Ale that he invented with Jasper Ackerboom, a fellow Janelia Farmer. You'll hear the scariest moment of brewing a 960 gallon batch of beer. Did I mention that the beer includes the dusty yeast of ancient marine mammal bones?

Jason will tell us how he, as employee #68 at HHMI, got a $300,000 education for free and a little bit about the dragonfly backpack that he worked on with the Leonardo Lab.

As the Chief Innovation Officer in a public school district in West Texas, Jason is in charge of STEM for 34,000 kids, 58% of whom are at risk, and 4,200 employees. Find out how the Pick Education program is having a multi-million dollar impact while grooming tomorrow’s leaders and how you can get involved. You’ll hear how Jason is using Backyard Brains to teach electrophysiology on cockroaches to 4th and 5th graders, and how he puts these kids to work in real labs at 30 different universities. His kids get foldable microscopes in grade school. All I got was a lousy recorder. Check out the Foldscope program.

You really need to hear Jason’s experience and advice about being a generalist, finding your path to passion in order to make an impact, and feeding the lion.

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